Precision Engagement Firearms, LLC

About Precision Engagement

Precision Engagement Firearms is a full-service, class III firearms dealer, manufacturer, and training facility located in Dayton Ohio. We can build, order, or find anything you need. We have the ability to buy, sell, and transfer all types of firearms including machne guns, suppressors, short-barreled firearms, and destructive devices. We also build a large variety of custom AR-15’s and Saiga AK’s. Everything we sell has been tested by our staff and meets our demanding requirements.

Duracoat: Precision Engagement Firearms is a Duracoat University certified firearms finisher.  We can provide traditional finishes or custom patterns to suit your taste.

Gunsmithing: Precision Engagement Firearms has a full-time, certified gunsmith.  We can do anything from performing routine maintenance on a trusty rifle to assisting you in a custom, one-of-a-kind build- all for a guaranteed, low price!

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